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My name is Nikos Siamos,
I’m a Photographer.

Nikos Siamos is a Greek photographer,was born in 1978 in Mesolonghi, where he lives and works. His love for photography was evident at a young age. He studied photography at a private school in Athens. In parallel with his studies,but also after them, he attended photography seminars-both in Greece and abroad-by internationally renowned photographers. In 2002 he opened his own studio, a dream he had as a child.  He has taken part in international competitions, winning awards and distinctions. He is an official member of: PWS, SWPP, WPPI, MPIO, WPE, COSMOS AWARD.Nikos is a Master of PWS and WPPI. Instructor in public educational institution,Workshop /Seminar delivery with tittle “fine art portrait”, 2 solo exhibitions and participation in 3 group exhibitions, specialization in fine art portrait and wedding photography,judge in PWS competitions for three years in Athens.

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